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Ankit Narula - The Paan Genius @The Paanwaala

Ankit Narula - The Paan Genius @The Paanwaala


About Us

Let us start off by quoting Bishop T.D Jakes, “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose”

Appreciating the beauty in the simplicity of the lines above, as it truly defines why we do what we do and the one reason we exist. The Paanwaala, a profession as defined in the dictionary but a Passion in our dictionary. We present to you Paans (a staple from back home) in a way they have never been showcased. We at “The Paanwaala” are a team of ardent and hardcore Paan lovers (Yes we dream of Paans), passionately set out on a journey to try and rekindle to long suppressed desire to have authentic paans away from Home.

From Ankit Narula - Our Paan Genius and the brains behind the concept!

Born and raised in a middle-class family from New Delhi-, a complete food aficionado (Like every other person from Delhi I guess) and an Avid Paan Lover is what would describe me from a culinary angle. My fixation and passion of paans started while growing up as my dad used to send me to grab Paans for him almost 3-4 times a day. Well all I can say today is “What started as a chore become my favorite time of the day”. Amused I was each time I saw “panditji- as I fondly called our Paanwaala uncle” rubbed the white colored choona and brown colored katha until they merged together forming a dark maroon color which seemed like a blank canvas waiting to be painted with all the colorful and authentic condiments that were gently rested on the betel leaf as though it was a work of art.

In awe, I clearly remember my mouth would go wide with a big Whoaa each time panditji started folding the paan and transforming a leaf into an impeccable cone of succulent flavors. I don’t know when precisely, but slowly I fell in love with this art of making paan, little did I know then that I’ll be lucky enough one day to be able to pass along the magic of an authentic paan to a fellow paan lover in a different city, a different country and a different continent altogether.


Powered by passion and elevated by the most aromatic spices, Paans are something which give every party that oomph factor and what better way to send off your guests than to offer them wonderful refreshments with lingering taste! so enuf said, lets try some!!

Call (516) 567–9110 to place catering orders or live "paanwaala" station at your event!